Escape Daily Chaos

Take Back Control

Escape Your Inbox

Centralize documents and communication in one place.

End Miscommunication

Keep all parties aligned and up to date.

Stop Wasting Time

Stop searching, start finding. Get out from under your digital pile of paperwork.

Don't Reinvent The Wheel

Stop re-creating the same forms and documents over and over.

Reduce Non-Billable Tasks

Stop doing tasks that you cannot get paid for.

Get Organized

Reduce stress and feel more confident by gathering and organizing the chaos.

Options Without Guilt

Do as much work or as little work as you want to on a transaction.  Have freedom to choose what you want to work on without sacrificing clients.

Make Billable Hours Your Happy Hours

Spend hours on meaningful work that clients will actually pay.

We're Your Outside Biz-Dev Team

Using SOW platform will enhance client relationships and prevent communications breakdowns before they start. Build trust and rapport by enhancing communication and reducing chaos.

We bring business to you. If you are selected to be part of the SeedJura.Circle, you will be working with our legal process manager(s) and utlizing the SOW platform to provide legal services to our clients. All free of charge to you.

Manage  Work & Communications

Let's get started!

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