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FinCEN BOI Reporting – are you ready?

If you have any company, you may need to fulfill the new reporting obligations set by the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) – reporting BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) to FinCEN starting January 1, 2024:


At SeedJura, we understand the challenges that come with new laws. That's why we’ve created a comprehensive solution to make compliance simple and straightforward. Our SeedJura.CO-module was engineered by lawyers and technologists to:​

  1. Collect Information: Efficiently gather necessary information from your entities; and​
  2. Analyze: Analyze your information within the complexity of the CTA and determine what must be filed; and​
  3. Report: File with FinCEN on your behalf.​
  4. Store/Track: Store and organize your information for easy access, making reporting future changes seamless.


  • SeedJura Members: No charge – we will handle this for you as part of your membership benefits.​
  • Non-Members: The following is our special pricing. We are currently conducting our pilot program. Qualified participants may receive special pricing and arrangements.
Pricing(per entity)
Your Involvement​
Simply Upload
You simply upload a few essential documents for each entity and individual. SeedJura will handle the rest.
Fill-In Info

You review your documents. Then you fill in basic information via our user-friendly interface. SeedJura will handle the rest.
Under 10 Entities
Same as the Fill-In Info Package, but this package only applies if you have fewer than 10 entities to be filed.​

You want to do it by yourself. We will provide you with guidelines via our upcoming website so that you can conduct your own analysis and you can file through FinCEN’s website.​

If you are interested to join our waitlist – please click here to email us.

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Why SOW platform?

Managing lawyers and legal processes can be difficult, time consuming, and confusing.
SeedJura created the SOW platform to resolve the pain that often comes with engaging, managing, and communicating between clients and lawyers. 
SOW platform is more than a project management system, but we are the architect and general contractor of legal processes. 
We take care of your legal services, so that you can focus on your business.

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We are your Architect and General Contractor of Legal Services.

Unique Components to Streamline Legal Processes.


Process Management Intelligence (MI)

Managing legal services by yourself can be overwhelming and chaotic. Our Process Management System makes it easier with three key features:
1. Standardized Process - standard and efficient approaches
2. Tracking System - track progress and issues and critical dates and resolutions
3. Coordination - our Legal Process Manager coordinates the entire process



Our one-of-a-kind Document Intelligence System includes:
1. Standardization of clients' agreements/documents - including standard provisions and forms of agreements/documents tailored to clients
2. Generate legal agreements/documents automatically - by answering a few questions, clients are able to generate their legal agreements/documents under one hour (with review by assigned lawyer(s))
3. SeedJura.sign - easy and secured e-sign process reserved specifically for SOW platform's clients
4. Usable and Transferrable Data - information in the agreements/documents can be easily extracted and transferred to clients' other systems or software


SeedJura Circle (TI)

With our Teams Intelligence Network, clients are no longer limited to only one firm for each matter.  Our network of lawyers and law firms are now available to our clients on any matter or a specific component of a matter that is suitable for the lawyer/law firm. These lawyers / law firms are trained by the SOW platform so that they understand clients' specific standards, processes and needs.  We can also work with clients' existing lawyers/law firm and train them to utilize the SOW platform to better serve the clients.
At SeedJura Circle, we designed a client-centric platform which connects clients with lawyers, but most importantly, we make sure that the SOW platform provides standards in the legal process so that legal services are being provided efficiently and in accordance with clients' needs and business requirements.  We change how law business works and put legal services under clients' control.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Your Sanity

01 - Standardize Speedy Processes

Get and stay organized using our platform and proven, standardized processes. Automate your agreements with forms that are tailored to your business - and no more waiting for your lawyers to give you agreements that you don't even understand.

02 - Tracking System & Technology

Track progress, critical dates, issues, resolutions, and documents, all using smart technologies.  No more wondering what your lawyers are doing.  Get out from under the endless search for past communications, documents and email threads.

03 - Coordination

Our Legal Process Manager coordinates and organizes the entire legal process.  No more wasting time following up with your lawyers or other vendors of your matters.  Rely on our experience and expertise to lead the way.

04 - Legal Services for your Budget

We work with you and come up with legal process standards and plans that fit your business and your legal budget.  The initial consultation with our team and coming up with the initial high-level plan is free of charge to you.

Let's get started!

Contact us to learn more about what SOW Platform can do for you and your business.

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Built by experts who understand your challenges

Current legal technologies focus on equipping lawyers with back-end tools, emphasizing task efficiency rather than elevating the client experience. SeedJura, however, provides a comprehensive solution to reimagine how clients and lawyers connect.
Tony Alfonso
Chief Strategic Architect and Legal Engineer
Today's legal technologies are developed by technologists with limited understanding of legal services, resulting in low adoption rates among lawyers. However, at SeedJura, our technologies provide client centric solutions built to be used by clients and their lawyers.
Geneve DuBois
Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer
Based on my 40+ years of experience in designing and building many signature technology systems, building legal technologies are much more complex than other industries because of the nature of users and legal processes.  We are laser-focused on usability and adaptability.
Dale DuBois
Chief Technology Officer
From my 40+ years experiences working with various sized companies as in-house counsel and in large firms, I see a wide gap between clients' needs and how legal services are being provided. We need to stop this vicious cycle, and SeedJura provides clients a better option.
Phyllis Shuster
Chief Team Intelligence Officer

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