Curing BOI Anxiety

As the deadlines to file FinCEN BOI Reports approach, many companies are feeling “BOI Anxiety” because they are unsure how to comply or who can help them. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

May 16th, 2024  •  2 min read

Haven’t heard of FinCEN BOI Reporting and the potential fines and criminal penalties for non-compliance? Or have you been delaying your FinCEN BOI Reporting because you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you are not alone. As the deadlines to file FinCEN BOI Reports approach, many companies are feeling “BOI Anxiety” because they are unsure how to comply or who can help them.

That is where SeedJura.CO comes in. We’ve created our SeedJura.CO Module to cure your BOI Anxiety and take FinCEN BOI Reporting off your to-do list. SeedJura.CO analyzes your information to determine your BOI and files your report with FinCEN. It’s that simple. All you need to do is provide your company’s factual information. Let SeedJura.CO handle the rest.  

The Process

Step 1 - Collect: Simply enter your company’s factual information into SeedJura.CO. Don't have your information readily available? No problem. Just provide us with your company documents, and SeedJura.CO will enter the information for you.

Step 2: Analyze: SeedJura.CO features BOI Analyzer, a proprietary algorithm developed by our legal experts and technologists. BOI Analyzer determines your BOI by analyzing your information against the complex web of regulations and guidance from FinCEN. Once SeedJura.CO has your information, BOI Analyzer quickly processes it and identifies your BOI in seconds. No need for you to review complex regulations or FinCEN documentation. BOI Analyzer takes care of determining your BOI for you.  

Step 3: Report: As a FinCEN Authorized API Participant, SeedJura.CO has a direct API connection to file your BOI Report with FinCEN. No need to track the status of your filing. Once SeedJura.CO receives your information and BOI Analyzer identifies your BOI, your BOI Report is instantaneously filed with FinCEN.  

Your Partner’s BOI: Added Complexity, Same Solution

Need information from your partners to analyze your BOI and file your report? Not sure what to do? No worries, we’ll handle that process for you. BOI Analyzer determines what information you need from your partners. We will connect with your partners through SeedJura.CO to gather the required information efficiently, privately, and securely. You and your partners can just relax and let us handle the heavy lifting.

Continuous Compliance

SeedJura.CO also stores and organizes your information, allowing for quick updates and refiling when you make changes to your company. Any changes are instantly updated across all your entities in the SeedJura.CO database. BOI Analyzer identifies what changes need to be reported to FinCEN, and the SeedJura.CO API files the updated report with FinCEN.   The most time-consuming part of the SeedJura.CO process is simply organizing and providing your information. SeedJura.CO is a complete solution that takes FinCEN BOI reporting off your plate and cures your BOI anxiety.

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